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USM Masons Mix Type O is a blend of masonry sand, type S lime, and portland cement blended to meet ASTM C-270 specifications for Type O mortar. Masons Mix Type O displays superior plasticity and bond properties which allows the joint to be tooled easily and efficiently. Type O mortars are typically used in structural rehabilitation project where old and new mortar with similar properties must be used.

USM Masons Mix Type O is typically used by the mason who is working on a pre-depression era building that needs rehabilitation work on the mortar joints and masonry system itself. It is very important during these historic structural preservation projects to match the high lime content mortars used prior to the depression. Using similiar mortars in tuckpointing or wall rehabilitation is essential for proper bond and consistent tensile strength throughout the masonry wall.

  • Outstanding workability - smooth spreading ability lends itself to a quality finish
  • High bond strength - integral lime penetrates masonry unit to crystallize and lock mortar units together
  • Mortar board life - lime allows product to stay in plastic state longer
  • Consistency - Pre-blended concept eliminates jobsite problems of inconsistent mortar batches




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